Thursday, June 24, 2010


the sbx 2049 fm based drum machine is out! watch the movie and grab it here!


  1. Super Instrument, man merkt gleich, Ihr macht selbst Musik!

    Gibt es vielleicht eine Möglichkeit, die einzelnen Step-Buttons, z.B. per Midi-Mapping, mit Launchpad o.ä. steuerbar zu machen?
    Das wär' der Hammer!

  2. hi erwin! for the sake of our none german readers ill answer answer in english, for the moment you can use any step sequencer that you can control with the launchpad/apc/monome and send midi notes c3-f3 to the machine... we might add sequencer remote control feature in the future.

  3. Thanks,
    skinnerbox with midi remote controlable steps would be the killer since currently we need to look carefully at the screen ...

  4. Hi guys! This is Amazing Drum Synth!! Thanks for it share:) I'm trying to build a my M4L drum machine, but i tired to find way how to make naturaly base drum synthesis for it, tune, drive, pitch and etc. Where do you study how to build a drum algorithm for 2049?

    p.s. Thank for your music )
    Cheers from Russia

  5. hey guys,
    amazing drum synth : )


    can I make a few feature requests for the next version (I'm yet to get into Max programming):

    -the ability to load different kits/patches via a MIDI note signal. That way you could set up a track in Ableton that will change the sbx2049's patch, via a MIDI clip

    -the ability to blend between different patches. Similar to the long random/morph control, but between specific different patches. That would be amazing.

    thanks so much anyway, for the current version : )

    Sam, Melbourne, Australia

  6. I have used the SkinnerBox on almost everysong in the past one year. Amazing drum synth and FM manipulator. Wish we had a Hardware of Skinnerbox. Thank you so much for this brilliant software.