Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sbx CubicDegrade

CubicDegrade is actually a downsampling device but with a twist.

It performs regular downsampling when you decrease the "Degrade" value.
Then a 4-point (cubic) interpolation on the last four samples recreates a continuos signal curve.
This "flattens" the steps/ jumps that occur when a signal is downsampled.

Practically it´s a hi-cut filter with a strong harmonic distortion.
Unlike usual hi-cut filters the parts of the signal above the cutoff-frequency are not diminished in amplitude. Instead they are "reflected" at the cutoff-freqency and fold back onto the remaining spectrum. This is because downsampling is performed here. So this is substantially a brickwall filter.

Because of the foldover it also creates remarkeble sub(non)harmonic content the more you downsample. So with low values of "Degrade" it´s a quite powerful subbass generator also.

get it here!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

very old untitled analog stuff

3 very old one shot hardware tracks, kind of a follow up to the pre skinnerbox times,
get them here!

shape of things to come

mixing a bunch of nu stuff for a forthcoming release, big news will be revealed soon, stay tuned!